Monday, March 16, 2009

The Game of Life has a 'gay agenda'?

Ultra-neo-uber-conservative website WorldNetDaily has an article about how The Game of Life on the PC 'pushes same-sex marriage.' Then, in a brilliant journalistic moment, the very first sentence says, 'includes an option for players to choose homosexual marriage and child-rearing as a way of life.' So, 'pushing' and 'allowing choice' are now the same thing?

"Shortly thereafter, the game invites players to choose a spouse, regardless of the potential spouse's sex."

"WND followed the mother's example and played a game as "Jennifer," who chose to marry another woman."

CHOICE. They let people choose who they want to be in the game. Just like you could 'choose' to put two male (or two female) pegs in the front seat of the car in the board game.

And don't get me started on the advertisement worked into the story for a brainwashing book that the website sells. 'From Crayons to Condoms?' REALLY? Yeah, that's why Johnny can't read. In the immortal words of Jon Stewart: Fuck you.


CampBlood said...

Hahah! That's great. If I play the game will I be pushed to be gay?

Lord Bling said...

I think WorldNetDaily has a straight agenda!