Monday, March 09, 2009

NEWS FLASH: McCain's daughter is not a righty (also not unattractive)

Meghan McCain is for gay marriage, voted for John Kerry in 2004, and just today, she publicly trashes Ann Coulter? No wonder her dad kept her out of the spotlight last year. She may still be a righty, but she's an independent thinker, and that's something I'll always give kudos for.


HCP said...

Yeah, she came to CSU about 3 times during the campaign. She always got stuck with the College Republicans campus group, which I think is a haven for not getting laid. She never looked excited in any of the photos she was in.

The Miles said...

She also complains about not getting laid. Which if she would shut up about how awesome her dad is, I would take care of that with her.

Snippet from Last Night's viewing of Role Models:

Wheeler: I don't have a raincoat.
Engaged Hot Whore: Its ok, I'm very Pro-Choice.


Lord Bling said...

Attractive people complaining about not getting laid = LAME

Lower your standards!

Lord Bling said...

And if you haven't paid attention to Meghan lately, now Laura Ingraham called her 'plus-sized.'

Way to raise the level of discourse. Aspiring to be the female Rush Limbaugh isn't a career path I'd recommend, unless you're also a pill junkie.