Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Postcards from the Edge

Just some random thoughts for the blog since we've kind of fallen off the wagon in regards to current events due to money, drugs, and women. Unfortunately, the money we don't have anymore, the drugs are the lamest of prescription, and the women are now required by law to see us naked. Be that as it may in no certain order:

-Jay Cutler on the trading block in Denver. What a load of horseshit! Sorry he may be the goofiest looking QB in the NFL, but he's more fun to watch than Jake Plummer and is more qualified to run a McDonalds than Matt Cassell will ever be, let alone the quarterback position. I'd rather watch a gunslinger go down swinging than simply running the clock out to get to the next game. So it's in the best interest of McDaniels to remember he's in Mile High and not New England.

-A little over one month since the Obama administration took over and the "Right" wing of the republican party has called it, or is calling for, a failure already. How is this possible? I will give them credit, they have the market cornered when it comes to obstructionism. Get in line or get the fuck out of the way. Just quit voting all together and let the Democrats do what they think is best. If it fails, we'll own it, but when it works, we'll own that too. I will also take to gloating and slapping the babies of Republican mothers in public. I may even break bones and laugh, we'll see.

-Rush Limbaugh is the new leader of the Republican party. While I initially laughed my ass off at the shear thought of this, I find after the Douche-PAC convention this weekend that he certainly must be, but here's the thing about Rush. He's big in his own mind and I believe that the Republicans have allowed a monster to operate unfettered for far too long, and if they lose this next election cycle, I hope his own party has the sense to bury him for good. All human kind may depend on it.

-Bobby Jindal...never has mediocrity been so painful to watch. Like the Daily Show put it, you are the Mr. Rogers of the Republican party, without the range of character. If you are in fact meant to resurrect your party, we'll see you guys in 2024. That should be enough time to get your shit together.

Do not take my post the wrong way, I have no doubt that the Republicans can, and will, bring it in the next mid-term especially if they finally find someone to speak up that isn't a complete fucktard. I look forward to that day. By the way, Steele was in no way a pander towards black people. No one saw that one coming. Governor Gidget really brought the female vote to the Republicans this last cycle so I'm sure that black people are stupid enough to just vote for the party with the "brotha." Good luck shitheads.



Lord Bling said...

Awesome post. I have also been lax in posting quality stuff, as I've been traveling a lot and trying to wrap up my company's fiscal year. I do plan on posting soon about the new handgun I bought, but I'm gonna wait until I take it to the range for the first time this coming weekend.

And by 'the range,' I don't mean 'firing it into the air to celebrate a Bronco victory.'

HCP said...

Are you sure? Perhaps a mattress engulfed in flames in the background?

Lord Bling said...

I think the statue of limitations is up on that one.

BTW, I've been scanning some old photos from those days. Be prepared to get tagged on Facebook soon, LOL...

HCP said...