Thursday, August 28, 2008

F.oxtrot U.incorn C.harlie K.ilo

So here we are once again!! Another fucking year gone by, and guess what, it's time for the Rocky Mountain Showdown. Now I understand that I am the only person on this website that probably gives two shits about this game, but I'm fucking pumped up for the ass kicking that my Rams are going to give the Buffs this Sunday. I'm so excited that I'm going to grill up some buffalo burgers just to celebrate while I watch the ass pounding that will ensue. GO RAMS!!!!

-ps: In an effort to fully disclose, I'm sure that this will be a tight game all the way to the end, and I am also fully aware that I have left my self completely open for ridicule after the game; however if you can't show love for your team, who can you show love for? At least I'm not a Kansas Shitty Queefs fan, right?


Lord Bling said...


/waiting for Miles or CowboyLaw to come running in here for the slap fight

The Miles said...

I got nothing. The NFL decided to serve me up some humble pie and scheduled a bloodletting to the Pats as the first game on the schedule, thus being the first NFL game to ever be called under the mercy rule.

But, hey, my Jayhawks are 1-0! Eat that, bitch-es!