Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Meanwhile over at World Debate

In addition to my recent posts on Ryan the Angry Midget, I have been engaged in an outrageous debate, where a group of conservatives is trying to gang up on me. You see, they believe that the recent events in Lebanon, where people are protesting and have forced the current government out of power, is related to the Bush Administration's Foreign Policy. I have posted several responses, but I need some support. It's a pretty hostile environment, and we're not exactly talking about the International Brain Trust. Click here to join in the discussion, and leave comments.


On the Mark said...

Ha! See...the girly man liberals are too scared to come on over for a beer and a brawl. The doors are open and the lights are on. Come on in. Seriously boys and girls, can't some of you pull yourself away from this liberal echo chamber long enough to demonstrate your moral an intellectual superiority to a bunch of dim witted conservatives? Isn't that what you think all of us are anyway? Here's your chance for some free shots. We're easy targets, aren't we? See ya'll at the rodeo.

Anonymous said...

It's more like I feel guilty for engaging in a battle of intellect with opponents who are unarmed. However, since you want to throw down, perhaps I'll take alittle jump over to your reactionary sanctuary...Jeff