Friday, March 11, 2005

Tom Delay: Liar, Money Launderer, and Cheat

Before I start in on the not so honorable financial practices of Tom Delay, I wanted to point out another blog that I really think you will enjoy. Opinions You Should Have is one of the funniest political blogs I have ever read. Let me know if you agree.

From the Washington desk of the NY Times, House Majority Leader and Patron Saint of Evil Causes, Tom DeLay (R-Texas) looks to be in hot water for some illegal campaign fundraising in that occurred in Texas in and around 2002. The legal issue here is quite simple: Texas law prohibits corporate donations to political campaigns unless the money is to be used to administrative costs. The law in Texas is very specific about what constitutes administrative costs. It includes things like rent for your office, utilities, and things of that nature.

The documents highlighted in the article, including e-mails between DeLay, his officials, and the PAC at the center of the controversy, Texans for a Republican Majority, reveal that Tom DeLay may have received direct payments from corporations, including Reliant Energy in August 2002.

Republicans in Congress and throughout the Blogosphere are whining about a political witch hunt and that much of what DeLay is being accused of is common practice in Congress. The only problem with that incredibly simplistic logic is that the practice that DeLay is being accused of is illegal in his home state. It doesn't matter if other people are doing this, if it's against the law where the act took place. It's like getting caught for selling marijuana in Michigan and saying "But in Amsterdam, everyone is selling marijuana, so that makes it Ok." in your defense.

The fact is that DeLay is in hot water, and I personally enjoy watching him squirm, particularly after many years having to listen to his attitude of moral superiority. I guess Tom better start praying. The good news for Democrats is that the D.A. in Austin, Ronnie Earle, is a mean son of a bitch, and won't let DeLay use his political clout to sweep this under the rug.

A proud day for Republicans, no doubt.

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