Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Photo courtesy of none other than Mister Bling. Appropriate this time of year, and as news about the Irish Republican Army comes to the media forefront for the first time in a long time. has a reminder about the 3rd Annual International Eat an Animal for PETA day on March 15th. I have never been one to hide my disgust for PETA, and the celebration of this event is a great warm-up for St. Patty's day. For the record, I have nothing against vegans, vegetarians, or even raw vegans. You eat what you want, however you want to eat it, and I'll do the same. The world would be so much a better place if people took this attitude about everything. If you're looking for reasons why I dislike PETA, this website is a great place to start.

The current topic over at World Debate is Bush's budget deficit. I'm laying down the law and have become the recipient of much conservative ire. Feel free to join in the fun.

Mister Bling also points us to, a classic website, that reveals the true nature of Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street. It makes Behind the Music look like Little House on the Prairie.

Aside from the usual "Why do you suck so much?", "You're a fucking commie!", "Eat shit and die, pinko scumbag!" and other things you would expect someone like Mike Tyson to say during a televised interview, I haven't received much in the way of interesting hate mail in a few weeks. I did, however, receive a message from someone who obviously must think they're my Mom:

"Ryan: Your website is incredibly offensive. You can't write a single entry without the use of foul language. The funny title of your website probably means that children are curious to see what is on this page. Clean up your act, if you're such an educated person! Intelligent people don't need to use foul language, as you do on a regular basis."

I really have no idea what the fuck this person is talking about. I'm completely fucking ashamed of myself. Next thing you know, I'm going to get an email telling me to stop drinking and beating up the elderly, too. For the record, I have never beat up an elderly person, aside from that lady at Target, and she totally swung at me first. Crazy old hag.

Finally, for those of you who live in Omaha, The First Annual Benson Pub Crawl is being planned for late April or early May. Details, including a map of the crawl route, will be posted soon. All are welcome on what is sure to be a fantastic, albeit drunken, voyage.

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