Thursday, January 12, 2006

I have reason to believe that Dick Van Patten is a robot sent back in time to raise large numbers of children

Was 8 really enough?

Some of you might remember Dick Van Patten from the TV show, Eight is Enough. And no, it wasn't shown at 3:30 am on the Spice Channel. If he were in a show on Spice, they'd have to call it Three if You're Lucky or Two is Splendid for a Man of 77. It was a show about a big family with like 8 people in it or something. Sometimes they had adventures, tears, bisexual dorm room experiences.

Need a refresher? Check out the Eight is Enough website with cast bios, comprehensive episode guides etc. If you think I'm kidding, click on it. I promise you won't get fired for looking at pictures of a kid whose haircut could have qualified him as an Ewok body double in Return of the Jedi. That little bastard must be so coked out right now.
I count 10 people.

If eight was enough, why are there 10 smiling morons in that picture. If they had stopped at eight, Bowl-head Billy and Peter Frampton wouldn't even have been in the show. Also, I forgot that like 2 of the daughters were complete foxes. They should have worked those ladies into a spinoff called Two is just Right or Ryan the Angry Midget Satisfies Two Sexy Foxes from Eight is Enough Again For the Third Time. Now that's what I call good television.

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