Friday, January 20, 2006

NFL Championship Weekend Predictions

After going 2-2 for the Wild Card games and 3-1 for the Divisional Championship, you math majors out there have determined that I'm a solid 5-3 for the playoffs so far. Not too impressive, but also not anything to complain about either. Most people would love to take that kind of record into Vegas. A guy could win a few bucks picking like that. This weekend, I am looking to solidify my record with two solid picks. The games, both on Sunday, should be damn good.

And despite what you might hear from CowboyLaw, the Kansas City Cheats...I mean Chiefs, are no where to be seen. Here's what CowboyLaw wrote about that in last weekend's comments:
"And as for my favorite team, I will willingly own the fact that it's KC. And they indeed will not be playing. But they are the first team to miss the cut and only the 6th team to go 10-6 in the modern playoff era and not get into the playoffs."

Wow, I'm sure Dick Vermeil is adding that to his list of accomplishments as we speak, while crying, of course. The best part for Chiefs fans, those poor, dumb bastards, is that they have the oldest team in the NFL, and they would need 4 drafts to get all the players their going to need to replace their geriatric talent pool. Saying your a Chiefs fan is basically saying that you enjoy watching the elderly play football.

Now back the the teams who actually won enough games to qualify for the post season.

Steelers at Broncos Sunday 3:00 pm ET CBS (Denver -3)
With all the trash talking going on in the media about how poorly Denver played in their victory over New England last weekend, I am surprised that Denver is favored in this game. Not because I think that they can't win, but because the hype surrounding this game makes Pittsburgh look much better than they really are. There's no doubt this one is going to be a good game, and I am glad it doesn't involve the Patriots or the Colts, since I got tired of the media giving virtual hand jobs to Tom Brady and Peyton Manning all year long. Denver has a balanced attack on offense, and the clock strikes 12 on Big Ben, as John Lynch puts him on the turf at least 2 times. Denver 17 - Pittsburgh 10 .

Panthers at Seahawks Sunday 6:30 pm ET Fox (Seattle - 3 1/2)
Seattle has received no credit all year long. Remember earlier in the year when everyone thought the Cowboys were the second-coming of Christ - Seattle beat them. Seattle beat Indy, granted the Indy starters only played one half, but the Seahawks were leading when Manning and company left the game. Seattle is going to come out and make the Ragin' Cajun beat them. But, with Steve Smith double covered all day, Shawn Alexander and the Seahawks prevail. Seahawks 31- Panthers 10.

If you disagree, too bad.

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