Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Deja Vu?

Not a single month goes by these days without another leader of a giant Evangelical Christian church resigning in the wake of revelations regarding homosexual behavior. The above cited article also states:

Barnes was confronted by an associate pastor of the church who received an anonymous phone call from a person who heard someone was threatening to go public with the names of Barnes and other evangelical leaders who engaged in homosexual behavior, Ames said.

For those of you who missed the important part (other evangelical leaders), it would appear that Paul Barnes is not the only gay leader of an evangelical church. I know, very shocking, like finding out that Clay Aiken was gay. Who would have guessed that?

The most hypocritical part of the entire thing, as I pointed out in my previous post on this issue, is that the CHRISTIANS who are members of this church are kicking their gay leaders to the curb. Forgiveness? That's SO New Testament.

The ultimate irony is that the church elders, who probably touch kids in the naughty place each weekend, are kicking these dudes out for being sinners. We are all sinners (some of us just don't give a shit about it). The entire point of joining a church is that God will only forgive you for your sins if you go to a building and sit for an hour every Sunday and leave some money behind, if you follow tht sort of thinking that is the basis of the SUPER MEGA CHURCH. Jesus loves giant churches that make millions of dollars a year.

If these churches are kicking these fellers out for sinning, what's the point of going to church, if they're just going to kick you out for the entire reason you're supposed to be there in the first place?

Also, while the church elders might not be gay, I'm sure they are still commiting other sins, like say maybe hating gay people? Should they be kicked out of their church to for being hateful towards gays? If they did that, would there be anyone left to pay for the giant church and the horrible christian rock band that plays during the service?


HCP said...

I thought that faith started in the heart, first and foremost. Also, wasn't the reason that Babel fell was because God DIDN'T want huge temples in his name?
Glad you pointed out the hypocrisy Midg.


Lord Bling said...

A lot of 'Christians' also seem to forget about what Jesus stood for (peace, do unto the least of you, et. al.). Sermon on the Mount, anyone?