Sunday, December 31, 2006

You're welcome, Chiefs fans!

Chiefs fans, I'm sure you're pretty happy tonight. Because of the Broncos loss to the 49ers, your team is now in the playoffs. And let me be the first to say 'Congratulations.'

Of course, we're just a week away from both of our teams being out of the playoffs, and this will all be a moot point, but for seven days, party it up!

I'm actually glad the Donks choked. I didn't want to watch Cutler get taken apart (or carted off on a stretcher?) against a better team next weekend. Any of the other teams in there are better than the Broncos, and it would've been like when we played the Colts a few years ago (when Plummer threw that INT with his left hand). Our defense just didn't perform when it mattered.

To be perfectly honest, I'll be rooting for the Chiefs to pull off some upsets and go all the way. Cuz right now, our little rivalry on this page is pretty one-sided. If they won it all, then they would also have two world championships, and then Cowboylaw would have something else to brag about besides QB ratings.

Happy New Year!


Miles said...

Man, I was waiting to jump all over this. However, the more I think about things, the more I think that God truly hates teh Chiefs.

Lets face it: The Chiefs were a team in turmoil. Every local media outlet had it out for GM/President Carl Peterson. Everyone on the team was old, they lost to the Browns for Chrissakes, and the future was pretty bleak, let alone the team wasn't going to make the playoffs.

Having said that, about a million things were supposed to happen in order for the Chiefs to get in, something that NO ONE thought was going to happen. No. One.

First, the Chiefs beat the Jags. I swear the CBS announcer was jerking off to the sight of Jacksonville's second runner up in the Byron Leftwich look-alike contest play QB, and score a few TD's. Surprising that the team that contributed to the lowest scoring game in MNF history let LJ run all over him. I mean it wasn't like Trent "Terry Shaivo" Green was going to torch the secondary much. Took a flea flicker or two to get the ball in the endzone through the air. That being said, the Cheifs are usually pretty tough at Arrowhead, so a win is not all that surprising.

New England, not playing for much since their spot was pretty much all sewed up, beat Tennessee, who had been beating everyone.

Then, Cincinnati with a FG chance to win; the kick goes up, looks perfect, then all of a sudden bends to the left and goes wide. Pitt wins in OT.

Wow, 3 out of 4. Surely, though San Fran wouldn't be able to win in Denver. I mean the Niners fucking suck. They weren't even smart enough to realize they were drafting a QB with circus midget hands (no offense to midgets, Ryan). They had been beaten 41-0 a few times this season, and they manage to take the Donks to overtime? I didn't even bother to ask for updates on the game. Then I get a call: The Donks choked. Un. Fucking. Beliveable.

Here is where God is a sadistic SOB.

Now the Chiefs are in the playoffs. They are going to have hope. Carl Peterson is going to look like a genius. Instead of deseving to be booting like a piss-poor drafting POS, he is going to smile and nod, even when the Chiefs get raped by Indy next week. Manning may go for 500 next week. The only hope is that LJ goes for about 300 and the Chiefs play about 12 people in the secondary.

Cruel, Cruel world.

Lord Bling said...

Speaking of God being sadistic, at least your team didn't have one of their cornerbacks get shot and killed last night.