Friday, December 15, 2006

Issues with the new beta

Well folks, you may have not noticed much different on this site, but has decided to merge with Google, and they are now doing some sort of beta test for the site. However, my employer uses an internet watchdog program called 'Websense,' and this program does not like the new software. While at work, I can get to this site, but I can't post anything on it, nor can I read or post comments. That is going to be a huge problem for me, because all but maybe three of my posts in the past year or so have been written while I was at work, either during downtime or lunch breaks. I don't go on the computer at home very often. So as it stands, you may not be seeing much of me anymore. Maybe that's a good thing for everyone?

1 comment:

Lord Bling said...

Well, either Websense decided it liked this site, or else Google made a change on the beta, cuz I'm back!