Wednesday, December 27, 2006

To whomever just stole my MP3 player:

Congratulations! You are the new owner of an almost three-year-old Creative Zen Touch 40GB MP3 player! You saw where I kept it in my backpack, and when I went to lunch today, you made a quick 'smash and grab.' You must've been in a real hurry, since there were also cough drops in that pocket, and a couple of them were strewn out on the floor of my cubicle.

You also must not be very bright. Stealing this?
Just look at that monochrome screen! Not even the Blue Man Group would like it. It couldn't show pictures or video if it tried! And the brand name -- 'Creative'. Doesn't that just scream out 'resale value'? Without the software or the charging cable, you'll be lucky if you get 20 bucks for it at a pawn shop.

You also left a $150 pair of noise-cancelling headphones in the bag, and a $140 pair of Bose TriPort headphones sitting on the desk, right above the bag. Either of those would fetch you more resale value than a no-video-playing MP3 player with no software or charging cable. And you won't want to keep it, because once you see the kinds of music and the names of the bands on it, you'll think Lucifer himself cursed it.

I've had things stolen from me before (and honestly, who hasn't?), but this burns me most of all because I didn't have the music on it backed up on my computer at home. I'd guess that I spent about 40 hours ripping and transferring over 1,000 CDs onto it. Unlike an Ipod, you don't have to keep them on your hard drive, and I liked that about this MP3 player. So, to whomever stole it, can you at least bring it back to me for a day, so I can copy all of my music over to my computer? Oh, and while you're at it, can you also DIE IN A FIRE?

So, I'm in the market for a new MP3 player. I'm skeptical about the Zune, as it's still first-generation, and I'd like at least 40GB, but I won't go with an Ipod, because you can't rip CDs in WMV format (and WMV takes up about half the space of regular MP3s). Anyone have any recommendations?


warm_machine said...

Perhaps it's being taken on a "roaming gnome" type of adventure and you'll get it, and photo's of it's travels, back in a year!

Or some asshole rtard could have just jacked you. At least you have a perfect excuse to buy a new one!

Lord Bling said...

Ahhh, I loved the movie Amelie. But I think it's the second one.

Anonymous said...

Are you pissed that it got stolen or that you have to download all that Yanni again?
Sorry, it really is fucked up to just jack your stuff like that. Have a good one.


Lord Bling said...
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Lord Bling said...

Well, the first CD I put on the new one is Gojira, and assuming you still listen to heavy stuff, trust me ... buy it if you haven't already. One of my favorite albums this year.

And I'm converting 'Pantera 3: Watch it Go' right now. Videos look pretty sweet on this Zen Vision: M 60GB.

miles said...

I didn't know Blockbuster was a bastion for thieving whores, especially ones that still think its 2003. Boy, that Howard Dean guy is a slam dunk for the Democratic nod! Jake Plummer IS the answer for the Broncos! Maurice Clarrett is going places. Sony can do no wrong!

Anyway, I have no answers for you as to a new player. I want to get something similar to the video ipod, but have yet to pull the trigger. Anyone else with ideas are more than welcome to share as well.

CowboyLaw said...

I don't have any suggestions for you, because you apparently refuse to buy an Ipod. I have a Nano, Amy has a shuffle, and we both love them. As far as I've ever been able to discern, most experts have agreed that the Ipod is the best player out there. The software is excellent, and the functionality of the player is straightforward.

Whatever you do, don't buy Zune. Microsoft just quietly killed its last player and system, leaving all users high and dry. No reason to believe this will be any different.

If you really want a strategy, try this: buy an Ipod, and plunk down about $100 for a 100GB external, USB harddrive (not the key-chain sized one, the hardcover-book sized ones). All the storage space you'll ever need for your music, plus the next time you upgrade your computer, no need to worry about transferring music. Also, no need to worry about your computer crashing and wiping out your music library.

Lord Bling said...

cowboylaw, you're such a slave to marketing. :)

No Zune here, but no Ipod either. Proprietary stuff sucks. I went with another Creative, but the Zen Micro Vision M 60GB. It does video, and almost all formats too, including DivX, so Microsoft and Apple can both suck it! Viva la piracy!

And I got an external hard drive to back up my music and videos, not because I have to for the MP3 player, but because if this new one gets stolen, I'm not about to rip all this music for a third fucking time.

Lord Bling said...

Oh, and I read about how Microsoft gave up support on the Toshiba Gigabeat. Looked like it could've been a pretty good player too. I was considering one, but after I read about that, and how they never got firmware upgrades, tech support went offline, et al., I said 'fuck that.'