Friday, April 27, 2007

Behold, the mighty Weng Weng:

So, Ryan keeps posting well-thought out opinions about recent news stories, and here I am, showing up with a rap video about the star of two horribly-dubbed, zero-budget 70's Filipino midget spy movies. I'm starting to feel like the comic relief around here:

Yes, his name was Weng Weng. And he was 2'9'', balding, and killed enough bad guys to make Chuck Norris blush. 'For Your Height Only' might be the greatest unintentional comedy of all time. The sequel, 'The Impossible Kid', is almost as good. The scenes in that rap video are from both movies and they are just as bad as they look. And by 'bad,' I mean 'incredibly fucking awesome.'

I just wish I'd have found these movies back when the Midge and I were in college. 'The Human Tornado' and 'For Your Height Only?' The Shelfo's would've been proud.

You can buy the movies here, and here. And you should buy them. They both got a 'thumbs up':

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