Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Omaha Cop Gets 5 Years Probation for Rape

Officer BJ Hooker
I enjoy discussions about justice and morality, so let's try this one on for size: Former Omaha Police Officer Scott Antoniak, pictured above, was convicted in January of raping a prostitute in his police cruiser last year. Antoniak basically told her to put his service revolver in her mouth, point out crack houses to him or go to jail. When the prostitute initially refused, Antoniak started driving her to jail, so she changed her mind and gave him complementary roadside assistance.

The best part is that he was caught because she saved some of his man goo by spitting it onto her driver's licence. A subsequent investigation yielded a DNA match, and Antoniak was fired from the Omaha Police. The shocker came today when Antoniak was sentences to a mere 5 years probation, when he could have potentially faced up to 50 years in jail for his crime. He won't serve a single day in jail.

I think it's safe to say that if the victim had been say, a white girl from Elkhorn (an affluent area of whities in Omaha), he would have received the death penalty, but because we're talking about a black hooker in this case, he got the weakest sentence ever for rape.

People have argued that because oral sex is in the job description of a prostitute, this really shouldn't even be a crime, which is funny. Does that mean if I'm an accountant (which I thank God every single day that I'm not, by the way), that if the cops show up and want me to do their taxes for free or go to jail, I should do it? And does that make it acceptable for the cops to do that sort of thing? Absolutely not.

For some reason, our society places a lot less value on hookers than they should. In Seattle, when ladies of the night started turning up dead by the dozens in the 1980s, there was no real sense of urgency or outrage from the community. Eventually, Gary Ridgeway, the Green River Killer, strangled 49 prostitutes, and those are just the ones he admitted to avoid the death penalty.

Others have said that Antoniak paid his dues already since he lost his job, and given the circumstances surrounding his firing, he's unlikely to work in law enforcement outside of Kobe Bryant's personal security detail. My personal feeling is that if you rape someone, some jail time should be mandatory. At least long enough for you to experience what your victim did, at the hands of a large man named Larry, who doesn't offer choices between oral, anal, or all of the above.


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So sorry, but it has nothing to do with the fact she wasn't white. She is a junkie and a hooker. That really screws with someone's credibility and it makes it hard for juries to feel any sympathy regardless as to how heinous an act was perpetrated against her.