Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Don Imus is racist? NO WAY!

Don Imus CAN'T be racist. No way. Just look at him...

I just don't believe it. I mean, look at the facts. He was born in the 40's, and loves to wear cowboy hats. No WAY is he a racist!

Sarcasm aside, initially, I wasn't even gonna comment on what he said about the Rutgers women's basketball team. But then during his 'apology' while talking to Al Sharpton yesterday, he said, 'I can't get anywhere with you people.'

'You people.' There it is right there, in plain ignorant English. Michael Richards's handling of his own meltdown might not have been ideal, but at least he didn't drop another bomb DURING his apology. Granted, his meltdown was a lot worse (this should go without saying, but the audio here is NOT SAFE FOR WORK):

Apology? Imus might as well have said, 'I just want to tell all you darkies that my wallet is REAL sorry for what I done.'

His radio show is going to be suspended for two weeks, but I really hope it's in lieu of being fired. If you're apologizing for a fuck-up, and you fuck up the apology, you're a true moron who should never be allowed near a microphone again.

Oh, and to those white folk who were born in the 40's, who love to wear cowboy hats, and aren't racist, I apologize to all five of you. But you know, I just can't get anywhere with you people...

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Ryan the Angry Midget said...

I think that picture actually came from a press conference where he was announcing that he and a number of his listeners were "Going to lynch the blacks."