Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Now HERE'S some polling results

Never mind Gallup or CNN. How are Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin tracking with Xbox Live members?

Obama/Biden -- 43%
McCain/Palin -- 31%
Undecided -- 13%
Other -- 13%

Over 100,000 voted in the poll, although I'd be curious as to the average age. I'm also curious to know who the 'Other' voters wanted. Ron Paul? Ross Perot? If it's the 'enlightened' children I usually end up in a lobby with, they probably wrote in David Duke.

A definite positive out of all this is over 55,000 people registered to vote through Xbox Live or Xbox.com. I wonder how many of those will vote? Or how many of them wouldn't have registered without the service?

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