Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hypocrisy: A case study

You all know how I feel about PETA. It's not really a secret that I think if you belong to PETA, you're a hypocrite unless you grow your own food and don't drive a car. I got a kick out of PETA's recent advertising campaign to spay and neuter your dogs, which I actuall agree with completely. The interesting part is featuring professional penis holster Jenna Jameson in the nude. Now I KNOW this girl eats meat because I've seen the footage. She might not ingest meat from animals, but she's probably spent half of her adult life with some dude's meat in her mouth. Not exactly a ringing endorsement against eating meat.


Lord Bling said...

That picture saw more airbrush than the merch tables at a Low Rider car show.

HCP said...

You gotta do something about those stretch marks around the mouth.