Thursday, September 11, 2008

What does Sarah Palin like more than making babies?

Pork. And I'm not talking about the incredibly tasty and versatile meat that comes from pigs. The Palin/McCain ticket is turning out to be quite the contradictory experience.

-He's pro choice. She's anti-choice and includes making babies as her favorite past-time.

-He's looking for budget and political reform. She has been part of the problem as Gov. of Alaska. "Palin has sought about $450 million in earmarks from the state's congressional delegation since becoming governor, and about $27 million for Wasilla during her second term as mayor from 1998 to 2002, according to state records and documents from the Washington-based watchdog group Taxpayers for Common Sense."

-She's on the ticket for her sex appeal and extreme conservativism. He's on the ticket because he's old and white and all the other Republican nominees were just a little more bat-shit crazy.

Probably the least shocking part of the whole thing is how quickly the true colors are shining through for the Republican party. Palin even has Dr. James Dobson saying it's Ok for teenagers to get knocked up outside of marriage, as long as we have a Republican in the White House. That goes to show that the guiding principles of the Republican party aren't family values, but self preservation.


HCP said...

Still wouldn't stick my meat in that grinder. Is this what we have resorted to? A dog and pony, who wants to fuck my VP candidate to win the white house vote? I can't believe that this is what it's come down to. If we lose, I have the ticket for 2012-Giselle/Biel 2012. Consider the white house locked down!

Lord Bling said...

I also like how James Dobson said, 'Christians aren't perfect.' ORLY? I seem to remember Bill Clinton being a Christian, but apparently he and his attack-dog cronies forgot about that. It was a blow job. That's it.

Gina Carano 2012!