Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Video of the Day -- Letterman at Taco Bell

Hello there everyone. I'm gonna start something here called 'Video of the Day', where once a day, we post something funny, weird, or informational. Maybe it'll give us all a reason to come by on a daily basis?

We'll start this off kinda light:


SteveHeath said...

Good stuff...Found your blog via an older post where Ryan ragged on faux patriots and their little freakin' flags all over their yard.

Gotcha in the loop for late night mental boosts.

Cheers froM Clearwater FL


Lord Bling said...

Cool, glad to have you. The site doesn't get updated as often as it used to, but that's mainly because Ryan is a new dad, and is also working on his PHD. My only excuse is that I started a new career early this year and have been really focused on it. But the truth is, it's because I'm lazy, and am usually playing violent video games instead. :)