Sunday, September 28, 2008


Listen, I'm going to be very up-front here: the Chiefs SUCK this year. Really. I mean, we're going to be lucky to go 8-8. QB problems (even aside from our injured starter), OL problems, plus LJ has been pretty unpredictable in terms of performance. The Donkeys, on the other hand, look pretty good. I mean, they won't win the AFC West, because they're not the Chargers. But it's possible they'll be a wildcard team and get eliminated in the first round of the playoffs.

But not if they play the way they played today. Playoff teams don't lose to 0-3 dogs. Playoff teams don't get blown out by 0-3 dogs. Playoff teams beat 0-3 dogs. They HAVE TO. Because you only play 16 games, and even playoff teams only win about 12 of them. And if you can't beat 0-3 dogs, who are you going to beat?

So, Chiefs fans have a little bit to celebrate. Not much, because the team still sucks. But they played pretty well today. And Donkeys fans need to ask themselves: is this just a 1-game misfire, or do the Donkeys have deeper-seated problems? If it's the former, how does the team keep from doing it again? Because the Donkeys are about 4 more losses away from not making the playoffs. If it's the latter, prepare for a long season of Donkey-based disappointment. I should know---I've been there.


Lord Bling said...

Welcome back!

Can't disagree with anything in this post. And I would say that the Donks have deeper-seated problems. Our teams are truly in the AFC Worst, not the AFC West.

The Miles said...

And this is why I love this blog. Months and months of good commentary just to be interrupted by Chiefs-Donkeys smack.

But here is my two pennies, since I actually have a dog in this fight.

The Chiefs BLOW. There are JV players starting in like 7 positions, and only a complete moron like GM Carl Peterson will either deny that there are upgrades needed and they can get by with minor league players, or he will try to patch them up with a bunch of Kendrell Bell's and says "See? Fixed!".

The Chiefs have a backup Quarterback as their best option, who is fine if he isn't getting killed because the right side of the offensive line are Born Alive spokesmen (Fail at Ab0rtion).

The running back is on the DL with Jay-Z and cares more about his dipshit diamond cutter image than actually running the football.

Their middle linebacker is a fucking guard magnet. Their safeies suck, and their corners are serviceable at best, and their D-ends have no pass ruch.

Even having said that, they still beat the Broncos. LULZ.

Seriously, though. The Donks had this one coming for sqeaking out win after win. Eddie Muscles gave them one against San Diego, and the Saits were...the Saints. Now, I'm sure Bling and the Midge will be posting when the Chiefs get rolled 65-3 in Denver, but remember, our team sucks. But so does yours.

CowboyLaw said...

C'mon...who didn't foresee me coming back to talk some smack when the Chefs beat the Donkeys? ("Who are the Chefs?" "Great googly moogly!")

And yes, the highly variably nature of the blog is what makes it great. Or good. Or decent. Or passable.

leptodactylous said...

fluke (flook)n. 1. a result, especially a successful one, brought about by accident rather than skill or design.

The Chiefs winning is simply a classic case of "the sun even shines on a dog's ass every once in a while".

The Miles said...

1. LOVE that the shit talking goes back three years.

2. C-Law: I thought I was a Chiefs Kool-Aid drinker, but "They will be lucky to go 8-8"? Dude, the Chiefs will be lucky to go 3-13. Nevermind being a 10 point dog: a rivalry game at Arrowhead against an overrated team that was giftwrapped two home wins. Vegas pwns everyone.

3. To shift gears for a bit, its going to be a tough road for Nebraska. Missoui, Texas Tech, then OU and Kansas at the beginning of November.
Now, I hope Nebraska finds away to knock Chase Daniel into Shaivo-land (I fucking hate Mizzou), but Mike Leach will try to hang 90 on them (I will never feel bad for Big Red getting the score ran up.) My question is, does Dr. Tom yank Polini if he gets lucky to make the Humanitarian Bowl this year?

4. LULZ on Cutler. The Diabeetus made him throw shitty balls. Dude Brandon Carr picked you off, bro. BRADON FUCKING CARR. Who is that you may ask? I don't have an answer, that's how sorry you are. I know our QB sucks, Cutler had time to do his taxes in the pocket. Our guy fears for his life the minute he gets the ball.

5. I probably will be avoiding the board when the Griefs play in Denver. That game won't likely be fun. Unless you can get Ed Hochuli to ref.

HCP said...

Alright. So, I have been off the radar for a couple and I must say that I owe you Queefs fans an apology. While I was premature in my celebration of the Broncos victory in the pre-season, I must say that I have been relegated to believing that the Broncs just don't have the D, which is a gross understatement of the facts.
Having Champ on one side of the field is great if you don't have Carl Lewis with Downs on the other. Dre Bly couldn't catch the clap in a whorehouse and I just think teams will continue to exploit his ass until someone else steps up or they trade him. At least with Lynch in there, people were afraid to catch the ball because he was most certainly aiming to put you in the fucking hospital. Anyways, congrats on the victory. i look forward to round 2.

-Via Con Dios,