Sunday, December 28, 2008

Denver / San Diego live blog!

Well, this live blog is off to a terrible start. I thought the game started at 7:30, and of course, it's already two minutes in ... right when I turn the TV on, Denver gets called for a pass interference. :(

Okay, so I'll make it quick: I'm gonna continually update this article with live thoughts on the game. I'm obviously a Denver Bronco fan, but I don't have much hope for them winning this game, and even if they do, they'll probably get destroyed in the first round of the playoffs. They're a second-rate team without all the injuries they've had this year. However, a month ago, they should've clinched the division, and now here they are, playing for their lives. Ugh. So, some of you Chief fans (CowboyLaw, The Miles) are gonna have lulz in this blog one way or another. Feel free to leave comments!

Two minutes in, and Denver is already down 3-0. Here we go:


11:38 remaining -- Champ Bailey is out with his left elbow, and his return is 'questionable'? Jesus Christ, when will the injury bug stop biting?

11:00 -- First down to Scheffler. Nice comeback after that horrible loss beforehand.

10:38 -- I'm gonna try not to comment on every play, just so you know. But feel free to use F5 to refresh the browser for updates. Oh, and I just want to say one thing: Sorry Cowboy fans. If it makes you feel better, my Donks may be joining you on the driving range soon enough. They way they've looked in the last few weeks, they're pulling a Buccaneers...

7:58 -- Al Michaels is talking about Tatum Bell's cell phone sales job earlier in the year. Reminds me of how John Starks used to bag groceries at a Safeway before he got picked up by the Knicks. Except more pathetic.

And what do you know? Bell breaks through and scores up the middle. Denver setting up for the PAT, but a false start forces another try. The kick is up and OFF THE LEFT UPRIGHT! Could be a harbinger of worse things. DENVER 6, SAN DIEGO 3.

7:01 -- And like clockwork, Bailey is back out there, just in time to watch the rest of the secondary start their usual breakdown. I swear, if they could play a prevent that didn't allow ten or 15 soft check down yards, they'd be 12-3 right now. And Bailey gets burned on the very next pass ... jesus.

4:05 -- Rivers with a QB sneak for an attempted first down, and here comes a flag. Personal foul against the QB? If the QB is 'running' the ball, you should be able to hit them just like you'd hit any running back. Fucking pussy rules in the NFL.

2:55 -- Tomlinson is in for a touchdown, even though it looked questionable live. The replay does show that he got the ball over the line though. And I'm guessing the Chargers can actually convert a PAT kick? Yup, although it was a little to the right. Once again, penalties hurt the Donks, and it's now SAN DIEGO 10, DENVER 6.

2:46 -- More talk about Hochuli. Yeah yeah yeah. And the CU Buffs got five downs in that one game in 1990.

1:36 -- Scheffler catches a check down throw from Cutler, and it's short of the first down. Kerr back to punt, and a short return. Let's see if the defense can hold without penalties for once. Also, why is Pearl Jam's 'Alive' playing during this Hoculi photo montage? Because San Diego is still 'alive' in the playoffs? HUR DUR DUR!

0:46 -- Bailey bites on ANOTHER play action, and gets fooled again. Huge gain. Fuck this is getting old. FIRST QUARTER OVER.


13:44 -- More Madden and Michaels flapping their gums about the Chargers' comeback this season. Everyone loves a comeback, and I'm sure most people would see it as 'justice' for Week 2. But I'm not most people. After Steve Bartman, my favorite teams are due.

13:33 -- Rivers missed a passing touchdown by about two feet. Next play is a check down throw, and again, Denver's soft fucking prevent gives up what looks like a first down. EDIT -- They're short by about three inches! They're going for it, and Rivers sneaks it again for the first. The camera keeps cutting back to Cutler on the sideline with his helmet off, looking mad, like they already lost. That grimace isn't exactly instilling confidence...

11:40 -- It's getting ugly. Two Charger receivers were open in the end zone, and were practically fighting to catch that touch down. PAT kick is good. SAN DIEGO 17, DENVER 6.

So I know a few of you are reading this live. Hop in the comment section and post your thoughts. Like, 'what's the over/under on when Lord Bling will quit watching the game and go play Call of Duty 4?' My own personal guess is with 6:00 left in the third.

11:21 -- I think I'm typing too much, because we're almost four minutes into the second, and I still have half of my first Fat Tire sitting here.

11:02 -- Madden is talking about 'what big strong hands' Eddie Royal has. Who is he, Little Red Riding Hood? Royal finally holds onto a pass, but Tatum Bell gets called for a cut block. I think the refs are doing their best to be pro-Chargers in this game, to 'make up for the last one.'

10:45 -- ANOTHER FLAG. Holding on Denver. We're getting penalized more than the Raiders. So now it's 3rd and 25. Lemme guess: Draw play? Nope, a screen pass to Bell, with two blockers in front of him (one of them fell down almost instantly). Time to punt. We're looking like shit. I just looked, and we have four penalties for 79 yards. The Chargers have two for 15 yards.

7:54 -- Wide open Hester. Has a secondary played as soft a zone or prevent as Denver? It's like they're in a 2-minute quarter prevent, standing in the end zone, on every pass protection play.

5:43 -- Another sideline post for about 8 yards. San Diego is taking everything the Denver pass defense is giving them, and that's a LOT.

4:20 -- Michaels is talking about how the winner of this game will play Indianapolis. If either of these teams is a favorite in that game next week, I'll eat my hat. Oh look ... LT runs in for a touchdown. San Diego is looking like they want it. Denver is looking like they have tee times tomorrow. PAT kick is good. SAN DIEGO 24, DENVER 6.

3:26 -- For synergy, they show a photo montage of the Broncos, to the song 'Bittersweet Symphony.' Awww NBC, you're so WITTY.

TWO MINUTE WARNING -- How in the fuck have I not finished my first beer and it's already halftime? Now granted, the pace of the game has been pretty fast, but that's pathetic. ... Okay, the game is back, and Cutler blasts one to Brandon Marshall for his first catch of the game. First down. And another right away to Stokley! Wow. Where the hell was all this in the past hour?

1:19 -- Scheffler looks like he catches a touch down, but the initial call is incomplete. No more 'force out' calls this year, but the replay looked like he got a foot and a knee down. We'll see what they say after the break (and after I get another beer, as I've started to drink a little faster).

1:09 -- I'm back from the fridge in time to see the review called Incomplete. Can one call go Denver's way tonight? I guess after Week 2, it's asking for a lot. And then Cutler responds by throwing an interception! Fucking fuck fuck fuckity fuck.

0:23 -- The Chargers' kicker is taking off his hot pink sweatpants, so I guess that means they're almost in field goal range. I've already stopped caring. Did I say 6:00 minutes left in the third before I quit watching (and blogging)? That might have been generous. UPDATE -- no field goal attempt. I guess the score is already bad enough.


Okay, I'm gonna play a quick game on Xbox Live with the Midget. If I get back a little late, don't fire me. Also, I wanted to mention that my inspiration for this live blog is the 'View From the Cubicle' live blog that the Chicago Tribune does for every Cubs game.

CORRECTION -- The halftime show is already over, and I was chatting online with an old friend (What up Nels!). So no Xbox Live. But I may be on it soon if things continue like they have. Bob Costas even made a joke at the end of the halftime show about how he hoped Denver would show up for the second half. How true.


14:54 -- Andrea Kramer is a vision in purple. HD isn't doing her any favors though.

13:39 -- Denver is advancing the ball, with two good runs by Bell and a couple of catches from Scheffler and Royal. Keeping my fingers crossed. Toss to Bell and he breaks through for a touchdown! Five plays, 73 yards for Denver. MUCH better. PAT kick is a knuckleball, but goes through. SAN DIEGO 24, DENVER 13.

12:05 -- 'The old LT' breaks off a 45 yard rush. Not much Denver can be blamed for there. Just some great cuts. When he's on, he's ON.

10:46 -- Sproles breaks off and scores. Five plays, 69 yards for San Diego. That would be what you call an 'answer.' PAT kick is good. SAN DIEGO 31, DENVER 13. I'm not giving up yet though. Gotta at least make it to 6:00 left. :)

Kickoff is fumbled by Denver, but they keep it. Then the first pass from Cutler is deflected right into the hands of a Charger. That's just FUCKING great.

First play from scrimmage? Touchdown, Tomlinson. Hope you took the under on how long I'd last, cuz fuck six minutes. I'm out. Time to shoot people online.


The Miles said...

Well, I think its time for some CoD4. Rofl.

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No shit. I'm down. I was gonna play with the Midge but I think he's already hanging from the shower curtain rod.