Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Way to go Broncos

So here we are again, another year gone by without the Broncos in the playoffs and now Pat Bowlen has truly stepped in it. I apologize to Lord Bling, I know that everything you must be feeling right now is painful and I am in no way attempting to one up or overshadow your loss, but I can't not post something about this move. Having said all that, I think this was truly a terrible move on the part of the Broncos organization. Did we go .500 this year? Yes. Did we have a multitude of injuries that hampered success? Yes. Did our running game dry up leaving Cutler to shoulder all the offensive responsibility? Yes. However, I don't think that you can truly point the finger solely at Mike Shanahan. My only beef with everything that has happened is that I believe that Mike deserved to coach one or two more seasons with the Broncos and walk out the way that he wanted to. I think that's the least that he deserved given the Super Bowl victories that he brought his franchise. Yes, I understand that he has been a .500 coach over the past three seasons, and I've seen the stats on his W-L record sice Elway retired, but he finally got a quarterback that you can do something with. Peyton Hillis will be back, and I think that will surely begin to shore up the running game. The defense was abysmal, but look how injuries we had, and as a consequence, how many rookies we had to start.

Bottom line, I just don't see why now. I know that any Broncos fan worth their salt knows all this already, but I haven't posted anything in a while and this really pissed me off. Regardless, I hope everyone a happy, safe new year and I hope the greater Omaha area police departments are ready for a rampaging midget.


Lord Bling said...

No apologies necessary. This is our site. If anything, I'm glad you posted because I've been feeling like I'm hogging it lately.

As for Shanahan, I'm of the opposite line of thinking. I think he should've been let go a few years ago. He's blamed (and fired) almost all of his assistant coaches multiple times over the last eight or nine years, so there really wasn't anyone else left to blame. Injuries or not, you don't go out like this team did in the final three games. Three weeks ago, all they had to do was win ONE GAME, and they couldn't finish. Someone has to take the blame for that, and you can't fire the 'injury bug.' I like Shanahan, but let's face it: His time had come.

The Miles said...

LOL Broncos.

*Looks at my team*

You fail because we have a better draft pick.

Its all I got.

Seriously, though. I think Shanahan would pwn in Detroit. They should consider picking him up and showering him with young men...I mean cash right now. Let's see. They are going to get a young QB, develop a running game with cheating O-line man in a zone blocking scheme, have an ok defense.

This also takes Ratface out of the AFC West where he was clearly the best coach. Now we have some dude no one knows about in Oakland, "Only I can fuck this up" Norv Turner in The Whale's Vagina, Herm "We play to fail the least" Edwards in my hometown of Kansas Shitty.

Lord Bling said...

And you're right. Not really bragging rights, so to speak, but a better draft pick means more in April than an 8-8 record with no playoffs.

I still don't get the Ratface comments though. He's not an attractive man, but really? That'd be like me making jokes about Derrick Thomas.

Which I have, and will continue to do.

So, never mind. Continue with your Ratface comments.