Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Operation Inauguration (Hate Mail)

All this talk about the upcoming inauguration is bringing back some of the rage I was feeling in November. At first, I was coping pretty well, but then I received this message via email in response to my Tsunami post, where I ripped President Bush for spending $40 million on his inauguration, when only $35 million went to Tsunami relief:

You commie moron!! The 40 million for Bush's inaguration is being paid for by
rich private donors. They can spend their money on anything they want. Stop
trying to make people think that the taxpayers are going to be footing to bill
for the inaguration with your piece of shit website. When are you losers just
going to accept that he's our president? Eat shit!
Wow! Someone knows an awful lot about the Bush's Inauguration without even being able to spell inauguration! And no, I will not eat shit.

Originally, I wanted to imply that Bush was willing to throw $40 million away in one day on parades, fireworks, and a downright shitty concert to celebrate an election where he won by the smallest percentage margin of an incumbent President since Woodrow Wilson in 1916, but he didn't want to spend more than a paltry $35 million so that Tsunami victims could eat, have clean water, and not die of explosive diarrhea.

That not only makes Bush an asshole for not spending more money on Tsunami relief, but it also makes his supporters a bunch of greedy ass kissers for their willingness to drop $40 million for the opportunity to drink champagne from his wiener in the back of a limo, when people in India and Southeast Asia can't even eat or find their kids or get a drink of water without a turd floating in it. And people are pissed off about Randy Moss? Wake up and smell the coffee.

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echo_doctor said...

This is what I find funny about the hate mail - if these people hate your site so much and think we're losers...why do they keep reading it and complaining about it? Doesn't that put them in the same category as the dumbasses who complain about offense television programming?