Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Subscribe to my Site Feed

I have added links to Feedburner and Bloglines to my sidebar. If you're interested in keeping up to date on a number of websites that have an RSS/XML feed, it's a great way to do it all from one place. It's like having all of the news from the nation, world, and porn industry all in one place.

Feedburner offers a reader that you can download a trial version of for free. There are also a number of feed readers available on under downloads. Bloglines runs a feed reader in your browser like a website, and it's what I use at work, since I am not allowed to download programs after I accidentally crashed the entire network by listening to the stream from The guys in the IT department love it when you crash the network.

You can subscribe to my feed and thousands of other feeds from real websites that you like at Bloglines by clicking on the Sub Bloglines Icon at the bottom of my sidebar. My subscription list includes Scientific American,, NY Times Front Page, and even that lunatic World Debate website. If you have problems or questions let me know. I have a real post in the pipe for this afternoon.

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