Monday, January 07, 2008

2nd Annual Benson Pub Crawl

This Saturday marks the return of one the coolest and best things to do this Saturday in Omaha: The Historic Benson Pub Crawl and Winter Retreat. With Leptodactylus serving as our fearless leader, a group (currently around 30 people) of mere mortals will become drunk mortals at several of the Benson neighborhood's finest establishments and some of their dives. Mostly the dives.

A list of the participating bars and taverns can be found on Yelp. Just search Omaha, Nebraska for Benson Pub Crawl and see Related Lists at the bottom. I have created a blow-by-blow of what is easily the most important thing ever to happen in human history.

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Anonymous said...

Fine stuff you have here. We're all for random anger over at and would appreciate a visit...