Saturday, January 12, 2008

Presidential Breakdown

I got an email the other day that is demonstrative of how far things have regressed for me intellectually since I started school again. "Ryan" the email started as so many in my email Inbox do(even the ones promising me a larger member) "You started the blog to talk about politics. Yet, all you write about is drinking and video games, and how much you hate PETA. What gives? Also, I have cheap VIagra and CIALIS for larger member."

The main reason that I have been low key about the Presidential races is complete saturation. I am having a really hard time getting excited about any of the candidates. I'm in the 4th stage of Ryan's cycle of political awareness, complacency, which follows anger and is followed by the 5th and final step death.

You've probably observed that I tend to lean hard to the left of all things political. I've said on this blog before, obviously while I was high on crack, that I could potentially vote for a moderate Republican candidate, like John McCain, but that was before McCain started making public appearances with Jerry Fallwell of the evil empire, simply to appeal to the religious orgy that permeates all Republican activities. I try to approach both parties with an open mind, but now, more than ever before, the idea of a Mormon being the best your party has to offer solidifies my commitment to my political values and the Democratic party.

That leaves what I think are the three leading Democratic candidates: B-Rock Obama, Mrs. Bill Clinton, and John Edwards. I would vote for any of the three over any of the Republican candidates without a second thought on the matter. How lame is the primary season where you just don't care who the candidate is for your party, because you know you don't have any choice beyond what color socks to wear when you vote?

This is what our process has boiled down to, and I have a hard time getting fired up about arguing over which Democrat I will end up voting for, because the Republican candidates are straight up frightening people, primarily because of their association with various aspects of religious organizations that are attempting influence political activities. We saw how well that worked over the last 7 years.

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Lord Bling said...

I'll take the heat for the video game content on this site, but it's my job, so I can't help it.

It's too bad Kucinich and Richardson won't win the nomination. I think those two were the best in the Democratic field. So again, it'll be me voting against someone, instead of voting FOR someone.