Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Can I Be Your Life Coach?

There are certain vocations, which are a complete loads of shit. Republican Chairs of Ethics Committees. Dog Groomer (what do you think God gave them the ability to lick their own asses for, seriously). Mel Gibson. These are the careers that the rest of us with jobs are sick of hearing about. I found a new one today: Life Coach.

I understand the need for a therapist. I really do. Therapists are professionals with credentials, who, in most cases, have had to attend a lot of school and help people solve real problems like depression, marriage, and other bad things that happen to good people.

Life coaches are essentially people who attended a seminar and paid a shit load of money so that they can give you career and financial advice. Ironically, you pay them to do this, which seems counter to having good financial sense, really. If I am looking at your budget and I see $1000 line item for a Life Coach, I'm no Life Coach, but I think firing your Life Coach would be a great way to save some money.

Are you stuck in a career you don't like? Do you need to find direction? Pay this person to tell you what to do. This way, you don't have to take responsibility for any additional bad decision you might make in life and career.

High school kids probably need a Life Coach, but nature conveniently supplied most teenagers with one or two, you might remember them as your parents. You know them, right? The difference between being 16 and being an adult, aside from the sort of women that you date (or not), is that adults are expected to be able to make decisions competently about their own lives. Adults who can't make decisions about their career or financial matters without consulting another adult who is trained in NEITHER of those areas, has larger problems.

Yet, in the United States, this is a booming industry. Apparently, we can't make these types of decisions anymore without paying someone else, who obviously didn't have a sucessful enough career as it is. If someone is doing well at their actual vocation, they wouldn't need to become a Life Coach.

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