Thursday, August 03, 2006

More oil industry lies

You might recall that many months ago, Ryan the Angry Midget was way ahead of the mainstream media curve in pointing out that Bush had hired a gay prostitute to pose as a reporter in the White House press room and toss softballs to whomever was getting their ass handed to them by reporters on any particular day. In the spirit of continuing to point out conservative deception before so-called "professional news organizations" staffed by "reporters" who attended "journalism" school at "Columbia University," allow me to announce that the trillionaires who run our nation's vampiresque oil companies have started masquerading as young kids from Beverly Hills. What the hell do I mean? Let me explain.

Recently, a video was posted to YouTube mocking Al Gore (who, I hear, won a clear majority of the popular vote in 2000) and his anti-Hummer movie An Inconvenient Truth. I won't link the YouTube video here because, just like that annoying kid in third grade, I hope it will go away if we just ignore it. At any rate, the video was purportedly posted by a 29-year-old kid from Beverly Hills. However, header information in emails from the "kid" indicated that the "kid" was sending his emails from a computer licensed to DCI Group, a Washington-D.C. based lobbying group that works primarily for *gasp* oil companies. Including Exxon. Now, why in the world would oil companies want us to take An Inconvenient Truth lightly? Oh, right: because their entire existence depends on us continuing to suck the crack-pipe that is low-mileage SUVs.

Now, I don't have a problem with lobbying. And I don't have a problem with debating the veracity of the contents of An Inconvenient Truth. But what I do have a problem with is publicly-held corporations lying to us. Reminds me too much of Enron. And Tyco. And HealthSouth. Of course, back in 2000, the Republicans blamed Clinton's presidency for causing a moral backslide by making people think it was okay to get one's unit slurped in the Oval Office. However, as absolutely, soul-crushingly, astoundingly horrible as it is to get a mouth hug, it's frankly worse for our President to lie to the public on a regular basis. So, I guess, Exxon can blame Bush for creating a "moral backslide" of his own by making people think that constant lying is okay.

For anyone interested in a complete, "professional news" story about this, you can check it out here. But, in all seriousness, do not check out the YouTube video. Right now, it has a pathetically low number of views. If we keep it that way, this kind of corporate deception might die an early death. If everyone runs out there and views the video, the immoral, deceitful assholes at DCI Group will have accomplished their goal. Be strong!

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