Sunday, February 27, 2005

Announcement Regarding World Debate

Those of you who keep up with what's written here on a regular basis are familiar with our conservative friend On the Mark and his blog World Debate. Despite our obvious and well-documented differences of opinion with regard to all things political, we have been engaged in discussions to develop a collaboration where we can hash out the issues. Together we determined that there are very few blogs that contain intelligent discussion between the left and the right.

In the near future, traditionally conservative World Debate will add the left-wing perspective of yours truly to the fray in order to better facilitate political discourse and present a more balanced, at least politically, set of opinions. I will also continue to keep Ryan the Angry Midget active and post as often as I can. Some have recommended that I post on a schedule, but I have said from the very beginning that I will not post crap, just to have something on the blog.

I will keep you posted on updates, and expect my first posting at World Debate sometime this week.

1 comment:

Lord Bling said...

Waaaaaaaaaait a minute. You're gonna make us go to a right-wing blog to read your stuff???

Tell me you're kidding.