Thursday, February 03, 2005

Ben's Comments

I wanted to include a highlight of Ben's comments, because it's a great post, and I can make it link to the article he's talking about. I will also be posting an update shortly. Until then, enjoy this nice little rant from Ben.

Okay, this is a bit off-topic BUT: This here is a link to an article where it is suggested (fairly convincingly) that GBW II et al. have issued media credentials to someone who is nothing more than a plant, whose only job is to throw softball questions and make long-winded speeches that aren't questions at all. The evidence that this is the case? The plant in question doesn't work for any recognized news agency. The plant's "reports" are usually in the form of a Blog. The plant's "reports" are usually little more than verbatim cut-and-pastes of White House position statements. The company which employes the plant is entirely owned by a Texas Republican Party bigwig. The plant is frequently called on, despite his no-name employer. The plant is frequently called on after the Prez has had to field some "hard" questions posed by "real" journalists.Last straw?

McLellan didn't even deny that the guy was a fake journalist. Seriously! Read the actual words McLellan spoke, and tell me if it isn't a tacit admission that the guy is a plant!WTF is up with these people? Will the string of deceipt never end? Clinton was supposed to be the big liar, but this White House has paid several "journalists" to sell out their integrity and back the GOP agenda, threatened to pull the credentials of reports who ask tough questions, and now, apparently, has been seeding the crowd with friendlies. C'mon people: NIXON didn't pull stuff like this. Apparently, when GWB II said he would "restore dignity to the White House", he meant it, except replace the word "restore" with "bring" and the word "dignity" with "a horrifying lack of respect for honest journalism and, indeed, the truth itself".
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