Wednesday, March 01, 2006

KKK Members are Their Own Worst Advertising

Continuing my habit of taking on really unpopular stances and taking on beloved public figures, I'm going to dedicate this post to criticizing the KKK. I watched a relatively comprehensive history of the KKK on some random cable station in the high 100s yesterday, and I was struck by the irony of part-time small engine repairmen trumpeting the superiority of their race. Listening to them talk made me wonder if English was not their primary language until I remembered that none of them had the mental faculty to learn more than one language.

Watching the show raised another question in my mind: are Southerners generally unaware that they lost that war? It seems to me that, when you fight a war and just get the general crap beaten out of you, the flag you charged to defeat under would just be another grim and depressing reminder of how you got your ass handed to you. Japan certainly understood that---you don't see this flying anymore. And yet, illiterate, inbred Southerners just can't seem to get enough of the good ol' Stars & Bars. Once again, there is little I can offer by way of denigrating this Southern Rebel idea that The Onion hasn't already said, and said better.

Having written such a pithy, scathing Blog post, I would ordinarily be a bit nervous that we would receive a bunch of hate mail interspersed with random death threats. I would be, that is, except that the people I'm talking about are neither literate nor web-savvy. This site loads very slowly over a 5200 Baud dialup connection from the crawlspace under your Uncle Granddad's single-wide.

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Lord Bling said...

You should try living in the South. It's so much fun! When I go to a rock concert, my friends and I get to play 'Slug-Mullet' or 'Pin the Rat-tail on the Redneck.'