Wednesday, March 01, 2006

EW thinks I'm smart (and random UFC ramblings)

If you scroll down the page on this site, you'll see a post called 'Early Oscar Predictions.' The day the Oscar nominations were announced, I made some off-the-cuff picks for all of the major categories (because really, who gives half a fuck about Best Animated Short?). We'll find out how I did on these this weekend, but regardless, Entertainment Weekly should be calling me to write for them, as their picks for the major categories mirror mine exactly. Just thought I'd brag a little, while I still have a chance to brag about something, as I'm sure I won't hit every single one of those picks on Sunday night.

Speaking of Sunday night, I probably won't be watching the ceremony. Not that I have a problem with Jon Stewart, but I'll be in Vegas, still sobering up from the Ultimate Fighting Championship that takes place the night before. The guy who sometimes posts comments under the name 'Viking' got two free ringside tickets to UFC 58, and invited me to go. There was no question. I haven't been to a UFC since number Six in Casper, Wyoming. That was where Tank Abbott debuted, and knocked the living shit out of John Matua, in what the UFC has deemed to be an 'Ultimate Knockout.' Ahhh, the memories.

I'll post some Vegas pictures on Monday night, and hopefully I won't be fuming over a bunch of missed Oscar picks. Speaking of picks, I'm taking Georges St. 'Lucky' Pierre over B.J. Penn, the blazing fists of Mike 'Quick' Swick will be too much for Steve Vigneault , and in my 'Upset Special,' I'm taking David Loiseau over Rich Franklin. Picking against Franklin is never easy, but Loiseau's cheese-grater elbows will be too much for him if it gets to the ground. Also, for some made-up reason, they've removed Diego 'Dirty' Sanchez's fight off of the card. I'm assuming they found out that I was bringing a backpack full of D-batteries to throw at his head.

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