Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar / UFC follow-up

I promised an update on my weekend today, so for my six loyal readers, here it is.

Oscar -- I got Best Picture wrong, but so did a lot of others. Every other pick was correct (although it was a pretty easy year, methinks). I also won the office pool, and by just one point. I got 19 out of 24 correct. I'm pretty sure that I won only because I picked 'It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp' to win Best Song, not because I thought it would win, but because I thought it was the Best Song. I also am pretty sure that I'm the only one in my office who picked it to win, although I'll find out tomorrow morning ... when I collect my winnings!

Vegas / UFC 58 -- Speaking of winnings, I wish I would've had some in Vegas this past weekend. Lost about $150 on craps and a dash of slots. Got food poisoning from McDonalds (in fact, I think that it was called the 'Food Poisoning Breakfast Combo'), so I've now added them to the short list of fast-food joints that I've sworn off. But none of that matters, because we had great seats for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and we got to get into an after-party hosted by Dana White, the president of the UFC. Pics posted below. And yes, that is a shit-eating grin on my face in both of them.

Dana White and me (he's the bald one, I'm the drunk one)

me and Matt Hughes, the UFC welterweight champion

Both of them were genuinely nice, and tolerated my drunken geeky fan-boy schtick (although I'm sure they're used to it by now).

As for my UFC picks, I got one wrong there too, and it was the Upset Special. Loiseau got owned in all five rounds. He couldn't take Franklin down, and Franklin lit him up. They stayed standing for all but seven of the 25 minutes of the bout, and even though it was very one-sided, it was incredible to watch. Loiseau absorbed more punishment than I've seen anyone take in quite some time.

And if you're new to the UFC, take a look at this link for some history, and a bit of a look forward. Having been a fan since the third UFC came out on VHS, I can attest to the growth that the writer speaks of. It went from a sideshow, to a legitimate event, to a real sanctioned sport.


Anonymous said...

Nothing says drunken fanboy like the ol' thumbs up.

Lord Bling said...

Absolutely. The only way it could've been worse was if I threw the devil horns. And I've done that in pictures before. Many times.

Ryan the Angry Midget said...

At least you weren't too drunk to pop the thumbs up. That's when you know you're going home with the Sudanese lady who cleans up the conference room after the party. Don't ask how I know this. Just trust me.

Matt W said...

That fight could have gone either way on paper. "The Crow" earned his shot, and just couldn't stop the freight train that is Franklin. BTW- Dana's afterparties are supposedly VERY hard to get into, so good job!

Since you called me during the show and I saw you on TV (thank God for TIVO), I can't hate you anymore... that would be wrong...just wrong. So how's a-boot "you suck??" and we'll leave it at that?