Monday, November 10, 2008

Here's something I didn't expect to see today:

I guess it's just now starting to hit me. Barack Obama actually won the election. I'm almost waiting for Ashton Kutcher to bust out from behind a car or something.

Now that's a good photo op with Bush. I wonder what they talked about (other than Obama's Oval Office redecorating plans)?

Since I'm fair and balanced, here are some McCain photo ops with Bush:

"Katrina? I dated a girl named Katrina back in college. What's your point?"

Awwwww. How cute.

"You two seen that '2 Girls 1 Cup' thing yet? Hi-LAR-ious."

I'd bet McCain wishes he could get this one back. Tough to distance yourself when this picture gets forwarded all over the internets. Well, that and voting with him 95% of the time.

McCain's concession speech on Election Night
was more of a throwback to the McCain of 2000. The REAL 'maverick.' Someone who reached across the aisle, and wasn't afraid to fight for what he believed in, regardless of where it put him in terms of party lines. That man disappeared during the campaign, but if he'd showed up in the last few months, the final election tally would've been a LOT closer.


The Miles said...

McCain's problem was always going to be the 34% of the electorate the identified themselves as conservative. OF that, probably 90%of that were the religious home-schooling-evangelical nuts that McCain cannot stand but had to pander to. He moved away from the center to guarantee they would come out to vote, and by doing that, he lost the center, and lost badly. The 'maverick' J-Mac would have been able to turn more moderates, but he ran the risk of having the loonies stay at home.

J-Mac was not the Rovian candidate, and yet they tried to run his campaign with Rovian tactics. As much as Dubya was a disaster, he did "win" two elections by pandering to the base and to the Christian right. He embraced it. McSame? Not really. Not his thing, and the conservatives HATED him. Hell, Ann Coulter said that if he were the nominee, she would in fact campaign for Hillary (this of course didn't happen because some scary black guy won the nom instead).

Ryan the Angry Midget said...

McCain's problem wasn't the electorate not being conservative enough. Most people in the United States are moderates. McCain was easily the most moderate candidate in a truly scary pool of idiots, who mostly don't believe in evolution. But being the most moderate candidate in that pool was about as difficult as being the smartest person at Arrowhead Stadium on a Sunday, which is to say not very.

I think McCain and his advisors overestimated his appeal to moderates and thought that they needed Palin to shore up the base. In reality, they proved that you need a lot more than a bunch of crazy evangelicals and hockey moms to get elected.

Lord Bling said...

Gentlemen! Can't we just say 'the smartest person in McAfee Coliseum'?