Thursday, November 06, 2008

Some fires still burn in California...

Proposition 8 in California has been in the news recently as an overwhelming rejection of gay rights in this country. What I find so interesting was that California passed the legislation for the rights of animals that will ultimately be on your dinner table. These animals don't have much of a life to look forward to anyways. So there ability to stand, move around, and converse with their neighbors makes no logical sense except for the fact that we attribute human emotions to these things. Just like when you think Fluffy licks you because he loves you, actually, he's just trying to get the taste of his own balls out of his mouth. And any animal behaviorist will tell you, they are really just trying to get a sense of where you have been and what you have been eating. Not a whole lot of love there, yet we continue to deny other human beings the right to be happy based on outdated motives and ideals.
I really think this speaks directly to some of the most basic problems that we face in this country and why we continue to be so partisan when it comes to anything.(Yes, I acknowledge my role in this as well.) I have no idea, even to this day, what is so damn special about being married to someone. I understand that to some it is a meaningful ceremony of the "bonding" of one person to another, but I don't need rings, a book, or a ceremony to tell me that I should treat my partner with love and respect and should expect no less in return. While I have a partner who is wonderful, and she tolerates me well, I have yet to get married despite the fact of having kids with this person. We share a home, and family, together and I would never tolerate someone fucking with either, so forgive me if I can't wrap my head around the idea of denying a group of people whose only want at this point has just been out-shined by dinner.
Here is where I think Barack Obama needs to step up and maybe take the reins in this situation. When asked in one of the debates if he was for gay marriage, he answered that he was for, basically, civil unions but not "marriage." While I commend his ability to parse the language enough to garner some extra votes, I would think that a black man, above all else, would know the dangers of separate but equal. While I understand we don't have separate bathrooms, drinking fountains, and restaurants, my hope is that we can soon get past this nonsense and on to the more important things in life ie the fact my beer prices went up due to higher gas prices. Son of a bitch this world is cold!


Lord Bling said...

California does not get to call itself a 'blue' state. Plain and simple.

CowboyLaw said...

Says the guy from Texas.

Listen, this year it may be different, but generally speaking, Dems don't win without our 55 EC votes. So calm down.