Monday, November 03, 2008

Official Prediction Post

You want to share your election predictions? This is the place. Leave them in the comments section.

Here are my predictions:

Obama wins Presidential Election with an electoral vote count of 318 - 220 based on the resulting map above. Once again Florida and Ohio will not be decided by the time we all go to bed tomorrow night, but it won't matter, because even without those states, Obama will have enough electoral votes to call the election.

Jim Esch beats Lee Terry for the Nebraska 2nd Congressional District House of Representatives seat by a very small margin. Small enough that Terry requests a recount that confirms the results of the election.

Democrat Scott Kleeb gets clubbed by Mike Johanns.

California rejects Proposition 8, maintaining gay marriage rights.

Nebraska passes Initiative 425 banning affirmative action because no one understands the implications and that the only impact the law would have would be in higher education.

Share your predictions or dissenting opinions under comments.


Anonymous said...

Well, Obama's probably going to win, and your map may be accurate. I think McCain will get FLA and VA, but that's still not enough. He would also need PA, which is a long shot.

Obama's comments several months ago about wanting to bankrupt coal will hurt him in PA, but I think they came out too late to affect the vote much.

My attitude is that if the stuff that's out about Obama for several weeks hasn't been enough to do him in yet, then nothing will.

I still remain hopeful for McCain/Palin, however.

Lord Bling said...

I hope you're right about California rejecting Prop 8. And I would like to predict that San Francisco will legalize prostitution. It would give CowboyLaw something else to do on a Friday night.

/just kidding GPA!