Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I had intended on writing some pissed off diatribe about the state our union, how we all need to pull our heads out of the sand/ass/whatever and realize that our country is headed down the wrong path. Then I realized that you all probably know that by now. The reason for my conversion in topic is that, in the 11th hour, there is no changing any minds by now.
I received an e-mail from a cousin of mine, who is white and very well off, and he proceeded to try and enlist my services for a NOBAMA page on a popular networking site. Not only is this disheartening in a way, but it makes too much sense. There are just some people that you can't save; and at this point, why bother? It makes no sense to feel the way that he does, and it serves no purpose other than the fact that it highlights how far we haven't gotten as a country. No intelligible argument to speak of, just a gut reaction that what they've seen for the past 8, no, 30 years is somehow the fault of everyone else, and they were always right.
I guess this to is not news to any fan of this site, but it is a chance to pause for reflection. My only HOPE at this point is an Obama victory. My feelings may betray me, but I'm reasonably sure that will be the outcome. I just hope that maybe the high water mark wasn't Obama's acceptance speech in Denver. The place where the wave broke and fell back. I certainly hope this is not the case, but after almost 2 long years of talking with friends, changing minds, and donating to the cause to have a relative shit in your cereal the morning of the election gets to be a bit much.
So in the same spirit of that of my cousin's recent raving, I have just one thing to say: Fuck all you right wing buttfucks and the fucking horse you rode in on. It's our time now bitches and you will be lucky if I don't go straight up Samuel L. Jackson on your ass every fucking time I see one of you assholes railing against Dem's, the left, progressives, midgets, and school children. I will be the intensity in 10 cities, and a true HCP before all is said and done. So, fuck you, fuck your McCain, fuck your Palin, and most of all FUCK YOUR JOE THE PLUMBER/TITO THE BEANER BULLSHIT!!!!!


Wild and out,


Lord Bling said...

Wow. Rage much? :)

And calm down everyone. He's brown, so he can use the word 'beaner.'

HCP said...

Rage for sure. I have just spent so much time being calm and collected to have it spit back in my face one too many times. Now, it's time to utilize the tools of the right against them. I don't intend on abandoning the facts, but I intend on asserting myself.