Monday, November 03, 2008

Nebraska man: "I'm still an undecided voter"

I just came across this story on about undecided voters. I was planning on writing a brief rant about being undecided at this point in the election, so naturally it gave me an opening to do just that. Plus, the guy is from Nebraska. The story tells the tale and provides a video from Kevin Sheen of Lincoln, a registered Democrat who voted for Bush in 2004. You didn't hallucinate that last sentence. If you're a registered Democrat who voted for Bush in 2004, I'm not surprised that you can't make up your mind in this election because it's pretty clear that you lack the mental resources to make intelligent decisions. I think voting for President Bush was one bad decision. Registering as a Democrat when you clearly are not was the second bad choice. You also won't be surprised to know the issue that has Kevin torn to pieces. If you answered abortion, you get a gold star and a donkey punch.

Let's say you were a Democrat who voted for Bush because you didn't like that John Kerry wanted to kill all those unborn babies. You cast your ballot in 2004, and 4 years later, abortion is not only legal, but you've got blood on your hands from a protracted war in Iraq and children in poverty without health insurance right here in the good old US of A. And yet, here Kevin is, back in the same dilemma that he and other pro-life idiots face as long as they believe the lies they are told about the Republican agenda on abortion. Kevin's problem is not that he's undecided. That's the least of his issues. His problem is that he's been had, bamboozled, taken out back and bent over, whatever you want to call it, and he's back for more in 2008.

In fact, scientists believe that there is no such thing as an undecided voter. You've either made up your mind already and haven't come to terms with it or you've decided and don't want to tell other people about it. I think Kevin belongs in a third category of idiots who didn't learn their lesson from 8 years of the Bush Administration. How much do you want to be he votes for McCain?


Anonymous said...

Ryan, I completely agree with you about this guy Kevin from Nebraska, but disagree totally with your politics.

Kevin's a democrat and being pro-life is his #1 issue? As a starter, he might try reading the party's respective platforms. I'll bet he likes the sound of "pro-choice" and "reproductive freedom", so long as we can stop this awful baby killing. Yep, he's a maroon.

However, I disagree that Pres. Bush had no effect on the abortion issue. The ONLY effect a president can have on this issue is to appoint conservative judges. And Bush certainly has done that. It's his only actual conservative bona fide.

If he can't figure out that McCain will appoint judges more conservative than Obama will, then he really should return his brains for a refund. His are not working.

On the Iraq issue, I think you have a good point from a pro-life perspective. One could argue that we were not responsible for the killing done by Saddam, but are responsible for the killing done by our soldiers, even if it's collateral damage.

I also know that the cure for outrageous medical costs has to do with our legal system, not our medical system. In short, we need tort reform: loser pays. We need an end to frivolous lawsuits that put good doctors out of business, and eliminate health care in our country's poorer areas, at any cost. We need an end to lawyers like John Edwards making bank on lawsuits that make medical costs soar for everyone.

Russell in Dallas

Ryan the Angry Midget said...

Hi Russell,

We love cogent discussion on the website, mostly because those of us who are regular contributors can't come up with any. Therefore, we rely on comments like yours.

I have no doubt that McCain would appoint conservative justices and push the supreme court even further to the right. If history since Roe v. Wade has told us anything, it's that even conservative appointees won't necessarily overturn Roe v. Wade. Just ask Reagan and both Bushes about that. This is the main reason abortion is such a dumb issue to vote on for President. How many pro life Presidents and their respective appointees have we had since 1976? 4. And they haven't even come close to making abortion illegal.

While everyone was voting for the guy who was pro life, he was blowing up kids in Iraq and denying kids health insurance at home. Not to mention denying stays of execution for 152 people while governor of Texas. Not exacty really pro life.

Lord Bling said...

Welcome Russell. It's good to have people come here who share opposing views. Our site tends to be a bit of an echo chamber, so it's refreshing. And I also live in Dallas, but I 'threw my vote away' by voting for 'that one.' :)

Can you explain how tort reform is going to get insurance coverage for the almost 50 million uninsured Americans? I'm not arguing against tort reform here, but it seems to me like an even longer solution to solve the bigger problem. What short-term solution would you suggest, so the uninsured can have health care, until tort-reform takes place? America is the best nation in the world in a lot of areas, but we're still the only industrialized nation that doesn't have some form of government-sponsored health-care.