Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Not every hick is voting for McCain


HCP said...

Klan members for Obama? It really is a crazy world.

Ryan the Angry Midget said...

Not all rednecks are racist idiots.

Lord Bling said...

Agreed. All rednecks are not KKK members, but all KKK members are rednecks.

I'm Lord Bling, and I approve this message.

The Miles said...

You can thank George W. Bush for all this. McCain was the fall guy, and visibly disgusted by his "base's" reaction to his gracious and humble concession.

McCain doesn't need to look far for blame. His campaign was probably the worst run in modern history, with a combination of Rovian failures combined with complete incompetence.

The Republican Party will be back, but right now, they had 8 years of comeuppance coming to them. And I won't lose an ounce of sleep over it.