Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rich people begging for money

Perhaps you heard about the arson that destroyed the Texas Governor's Mansion this summer. A shame, right? Well, apparently, the mansion wasn't insured (or wasn't insured properly, but we don't know for sure because no media outlet will ask the question). I just saw a commercial with George Strait, asking Texans to donate to the Texas Governor's Mansion Restoration Fund. My first response was, 'Are you FUCKING kidding me?' Nope. He wasn't.

Of all the nerve. Hey Rick Perry! Ever heard the phrase, 'You're in good hands with Allstate?' In this economy (which you and your supply-side buddies have helped put into the shitter), we're supposed to give you money so you can rebuild your mansion?

I don't care that it's considered a 'historical landmark.' I don't care that it's 150 years old. It's an ornate mansion that wasn't insured properly.

Rich people asking for money can fuck right off. Rick Perry, George Strait, both of you can eat the peanuts out of my shit.


The Miles said...

I smell a return of state income taxes.

HCP said...

Wow, I can tell someone didn't get invited to the governors ball.