Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Charles Barkley is the MAN

I always liked Charles Barkley. Loved watching him play ball. Loved seeing the fun he had when he played with Manute Bol when they were on the 76ers. I even had a Barkley Suns jersey back in the day. I loved his openness with the media about anything, especially politics. He used to consider himself a Republican, but not anymore!

If you said "tl;dr" to that last link, here are some highlights:

"(R)acism is the greatest cancer of my lifetime. I think anybody who is racist is an idiot whether they are black or white. Anybody who is racist I just I think they are an idiot."

"(T)his thing didn't start with (McCain). It started with President Bush and these gifts to rich people like myself -- all these tax cuts and things like that. That's my biggest problem. Uh listen, John McCain, you gotta respect anybody who goes to war. But these Republicans who ran this economy into the ground. We've got to end the war in Iraq and we got to stop giving rich people like myself and people who run big companies tax breaks."

"(M)y idea of religion is we are supposed to encourage people to love other people. I am a big pro-choice guy. I am a big gay marriage guy and they are so divisive and that is not my idea of religion. My idea of religion is we are supposed to bring people together. We are not supposed to judge other people. .... (T)he notion that you would vote for a president because he is against abortion or against gay marriage is absurd."

"The reason I voted for John Kerry last time and have been more out there this time, I look at the -- it's really about rich people versus poor people and I think it is a travesty what they have done to poor people in this country. And let's be realistic, it doesn't, George Bush -- I don't care. It's not going to have any effect realistically on my life who the president is. The reason I am supporting the Democratic Party, I think it is a bona fide tragedy what has happened to poor people in this country and the gap between the rich and the poor is wider than it has ever been."

And finally:

"Brown: So are you going to run for governor (of Alabama)?

Barkley: I plan on it in 2014.

Brown: You are serious.

Barkley: I am, I can't screw up Alabama.

Brown: There is no place to go but up in your view?

Barkley: We are number 48 in everything and Arkansas and Mississippi aren't going anywhere."

Mr. Barkley, welcome to the left. We're glad to have you.

Video of the entire interview is here.


HCP said...

Not shit in your cereal, but I don't know if that's a leftist view, as much as a realistic one. Maybe those two are synonymous with one another. It's all starting to blur at this point.

Ryan the Angry Midget said...

If ever there was a black guy who could get elected in Alabama, it's Charles Barkley. Running from the left will not increase his chances of winning there, however.

Lord Bling said...

hcp, I think you're starting to catch on...

Lord Bling said...

Update! Charles Barkley attacks Fox News!

"I watch CNN, they're not fucked up like Fox," Barkley said. "They are a mouthpiece for the Republican Party. I watch [Fox] a couple times when there is someone I want to see on there. But they're corrupt."