Friday, October 03, 2008

The Devil Wears Wal-Mart?

So, I was watching the debate last night and saw nothing of real importance come from either camp. Except that neither of the candidates made any real gaffs and that Palin's head didn't exploded only to have Jesus take her place behind the podium. Then I began listening to the post debate "analysis" and it was no surprise that they tried to paint Palin as an everyday, down to Earth, no nonsense kind of gal, and this got me thinking.

When the FUCK did it become so terrible to be educated in this country? Joe-6-Pack, hockey mom's are pit bulls with lipstick, and every woman that voted for Clinton did so because she had a vagina, not because she has a graduate degree, or the fact that she may know a little something about how things work in Washington. How ridiculous are these arguments? Are we done shilling to every jag-off that can't admit their real problem with Obama is that he is a black guy?

I understand that the everyday working guy likes to have a beer, hell I'm one of them, but I also feel a strong desire to better myself and my situation by using what little intellect I have been "blessed" with by furthering my education. Why would we want someone to lead us that is an everyday person? This makes no sense. If you don't think you are better than me, then don't try to LEAD ME! If I thought that you were going to do the same fuck up, run the country into the ground, I'm too drunk at 3am to answer anything bullshit, I would run myself. However, I recognize the fact that there are people out there smarter than I in the arena, of lets say, running a country. This means that I would rather have you do it as oppose to me. In a year where we cannot afford, quite literally, to fuck this up, we don't need anymore lip stick on a pig.

Via Con Dios,


Lord Bling said...

Agreed on all fronts. We've had an 'everyday person' running this country for eight years, and look where it's gotten us.

warm_machine said...

Well put!!!