Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Obama advertising on Burnout Paradise online

It's happening more and more nowadays: Online video games with advertising placed in them. It's pretty annoying, as it stands out like a sore thumb in most cases. I already paid $60 for the game, and I pay for Xbox Live, so why am I seeing advertisments? I play online games to escape reality, not to be reminded of it. However, one of the exceptions I make on the annoyance factor is for additional content that is made free because of advertising. Gears of War had two free multiplayer maps last year because the Discovery Channel show 'FutureWeapons' sponsored them. Well, Burnout Paradise may not have had their recent free content sponsored by Barack Obama, but I at least have to give some credit to his team for getting exposure in an otherwise foreign ad space:

Obama may not be a huge proponent of video games, but at least he's aware of their power, and is willing to try to reach those who game. Can you imagine John McCain doing something like this? He's still learning how to use the internets...


The Miles said...

Great. Not only is he linked with America-hating terrorists, but now he is associating with underage, homophobic, racist cyber terrorists!

He disgusts me.

Wingnut Desperate Conservative Base.

warm_machine said...

I haven't logged into BPC in awhile, but I'm assuming that the Obama signs replaced the defunct CompUSA signs. LOL

Lord Bling said...


I just learned that Obama also has ads in Madden 09 and NBA Live 09, so apparently the marketing agreement was with EA, and not just the makers of Burnout Paradise.