Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Video of the Week: Gojira -- 'Vacuity'

Here's my Video of the Week: It's the new music video from the metal band Gojira. I know you're not all metal fans, but I think you'll all at least appreciate the visual style used here. The band members are all very environmentally conscious, and that comes through in an odd way in the video. And yes, for all you knuckle-draggers out there, the girl gets naked near the end.


They're a lot smarter than most metal bands. I know, I know, 'That's not saying much!' But they have a lot to say about our world right now. Lyrically, the singer says Vacuity is about "absence of matter, emptiness, but full of light. Ultimate presence beyond the notions of our world. Vacuity is the source and not just 'nothingness.' We live in a world that goes faster every day and it seems there's a lack of time for each one of us." It's a refreshing change from the usual 'murder death kill' of the rest of the metal out there.

Their new album is titled 'The Way of All Flesh', and it just released here in the states last Tuesday. If you liked the video, it's definitely worth a purchase. Between them and the District B-13 movie clips I posted a couple of weeks ago, who knew French people could kick so much ass?


warm_machine said...

It's definitely a good metal video for the 21st Century, but I'm afraid they're just one step on a slippery slope away from having a press conference and admitting to being a Christian metal band. *poke*

Lord Bling said...

Nope. I am NOT taking the bait on that one! :)

And for the record, I like some Christian metal bands. But these guys are not one of them.