Saturday, October 25, 2008

Douglas County turns blue

Nebraska has a solid reputation for being a red state for good reason. We haven't gone Democratic for President since Lyndon and Ladybird in 1964. This year won't be an exception to that as McCain will get most of the state's electoral votes. The 2nd congressional district can prevent a shutout as I mentioned the other day, and the latest voter numbers by party make it seem like an actual possibility that Obama could gain one electoral vote from Omaha. The deadline for voter registration in Nebraska was 6 pm last night. As of October 21st, there are officially more registered Democrats than Republicans in Douglas County. This is not only good news for Obama, but also for Jim Esch. Who is Jim Esch? He's challenging waste of space incumbent Lee Terry for the 2nd congressional district's seat in the US House. The latest polls show them within the margin of error. All good news for those tired of the status quo.

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leptodactylous said...

Obama winning the election, Douglas County winning an electoral vote for Obama, and Lee Terry having to step down with some of the other Bush lapdogs would be a hat trick that would make my year.