Monday, October 20, 2008

RIP Rudy Ray Moore

The world lost a great comedian this morning. The one-and-only Rudy Ray Moore, also known by his stage name of Dolemite, passed away in Akron, Ohio due to diabetes complications. He was 81.

I had the good fortune of meeting the man back in 2000 at a video convention in Las Vegas. The autograph booth wasn't quite set up yet, and even though I was just another white kid, he saw how excited I was to meet him, so he was gracious enough to let me get a picture:

His stand-up performances and his films were incredibly funny. I remember all the times I used to sit with the Angry Midget and the Shelfo twins and watch Dolemite, The Human Tornado, or Disco Godfather. The phrases 'Put yo weight on it!' and 'Bitch are you fo' real?' got peppered into our conversations regularly ... in fact, maybe a little too much! I'm just glad I didn't use them in any job interviews. I don't think the true Whitey would like being called a 'rat-soup eatin' honkey muthafucka.'

'The Human Tornado' trailer -- Not Safe For Work

Rest in peace, Rudy.

P.S. Thanks to Viking for passing along the info.


Ryan the Angry Midget said...

Why hasn't the mainstream media picked this up? First the Broncos get annihilated on MNF and now this?????

Lord Bling said...

Think about your question for a minute.


I'm not sure what yo honkey ass is thinkin'.