Friday, October 24, 2008

Medical Experts: 1/4 Chance McCain will die in the next 4 years

I joke about how old John McCain is a lot lately, but according to an article from it's no laughing matter. Given his history of skin cancer, McCain has a 25% chance of being dead within 4 years. Wow. Makes that Sarah Palin VP pick seem like a real doozie doesn't it. I've always wanted a creationist hockey mom as the President.

The media has been getting a lot of criticism about not hammering Obama, or former smoker, or Biden on their health histories. I think the reasons for this are twofold:

1) Obama was smart and didn't release his health records publicly. McCain has criticized him for this, but there's no requirement that a Presidential candidate do this. Obviously it's not helping McCain to portray himself as an image of health and vitality.

2) If Obama dies, which I would guarantee is way less likely for health reasons than McCain, we get Joe Biden. Biden was a Presidential candidate in his own right in the primaries and the more I learn about him, the more comfortable I would be with him in the driver's seat if something did happen to Barak. On the other hand, if McCain dies, we get what I believe is the worst VP nominee in world history. She's proud of how dumb she is and how little she reads. She doesn't believe in evolution, which is like not believing in gravity.

Obama is doing well in the polls as of today, but reading this article made me sick to my stomach based simply on the fact that a McCain victory just got a whole lot scarier.

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